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Thick When the Chances are Slim
She’ll do anything for thickness…even kill herself for it

Chance hates her slimness. She feels left out in the cold because of her lack of size. Society caters to full-figured women during her era. Most guys lust and dream about dating women rocking double digits clothes. She’ll do anything to be thick and loses herself in the process. And when she does live the life of a plus size woman, she’ll know the true meaning of “be careful what you wish for.”

Thick When the Chances are Slim is a comedy/drama/erotic novel that shows the importance of self-acceptance while finding comfort under your skin regardless of size. The story will grip your eyes through every shock, laugh, and heart pumping action from the first sentence to the last. Get ready for a blaze…a Nah’Sun blaze.



Thick in the Nick of Time

Size still matters in the mind of Chance who was once slender, but later enjoyed the thrill of sudden thickness. She struggles with dieting and working out to lose a few pounds to live thick and fit.

While Chance balances her size and shape, Veronique suffers in a household where her fullness is frowned upon by her father. Issues of family tradition along with her love affair with Lakim also complicate her lifestyle when she walks the thin line between pop culture and family customs.

Fashion shows, court dates, ex-lovers, and culture clashes pack the punch in to this drama-erotic sequel to Thick when the Chances are Slim. Feel the blaze…a Nah’Sun blaze.



In the Thick of Things

New characters, new drama, and new comedy are packed in Part 3 of the Thick series from author Nah'Sun

Kimyetta is a young girl growing up in a household that's a paycheck away from eviction as she fights through materialism, gang drama, and sexual exploration by her adult years. Between a father struggling to make ends meet and a mother seeking to live the childhood she never had, Kimyetta finds out who’s really by her side when times get rough. In The Thick of Things tells the story of the difference between breaking under pressure and standing tall when life throws curve balls to separate the weak from the strong.


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